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When you sign up for your web hosting package with HappyHoster Hosting you got access to create email addresses. If your domain is “” you could have several different email accounts such as ““, “” etc. Anytime you want to create a new email address you can do so in cPanel.

How to Create an Email Account

The basic step needed for utilizing the email benefit on your server with HappyHoster facilitating is to make the email account in your cPanel. For further help on the best way to do this, please visit our article on How to make an email account. When you have set up your email account in your cPanel, you can start to utilize your email. The following areas will manage you on the most proficient method to get to your email.

How to access your Email Account

Before you start to setup your email customer, you should first choose how you might want to get to your email. You can utilize a wide range of projects to check your email. You can utilize a Desktop Program like Outlook, Mac mail, or Thunderbird. You can utilize the program based projects Squirrel Mail, Horde, or Round Cube to check from any area utilizing your web program. Likewise, you can utilize an outsider like Google Apps or your iPhone, Droid, or other cell phone.

Configuring a desktop email client

Normal email customers that most clients are acquainted with incorporate Microsoft Outlook and Mac Mail. You can utilize any system you need the length of is it can join with our servers. The following are connections to our instructional exercises for setting up email customers.

Basic Email Settings

Non SSL email settings

The following settings are the non Secure settings. Use this only if you cannot use the SSL settings. Otherwise, you will want to use the SSL setup. Note that you will need to change “” to your domain name.

  • Incoming Server:
  • Outgoing Server:
  • Username: Your full e-mail address
  • Password: Your e-mail account password
  • Incoming Port: POP3 110 or IMAP 143
  • Outgoing Mail server (SMTP) Port: 587
  • SSL: NO
  • SMTP Authentication Required
  • Secure Authentication or SPA needs to be turned off

SSL email settings

Below is an example of the recommended Secure settings. The SSL (Secue Sockets Layer) protocol is for connecting to your server securely to prevent network “snoopers” from seeing your data over the network connction. The “secure##” will need the “##” changed to your server number. To find your server number, see your AMP technical details.

  • Incoming Server:
  • Outgoing Server:
  • Username: Your full e-mail address
  • Password: Your e-mail account password
  • Incoming Port: POP3 995 or IMAP 993
  • Outgoing Mail server (SMTP) Port: 465
  • SSL: YES
  • SMTP Authentication Required
  • Secure Authentication or SPA needs to be turned off

Accessing your email through Webmail

  1. Visit

    Be sure to replace with your actual domain name.

  2. Enter your username and password, and then click OK.

    User Name: Enter your full email address, all lower case
    Password: Enter your email address’ password

  3. You should now be logged in! Click on one of the three webmail clients and get started using your email!
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