01 Sep 2021

How to index your website / link on google search console

If you recently deployed your website or your website didn’t get index by google search engine then congratulations you landed on the right and precise article.  It is harsh reality that you are not getting any big zero from google search and you are far away from organic traffic whatsoever. Now go ahead and start digging into your prob and get it resolve.

First of all check total no current index urls/pages on google by typing following command.
site: domain.com
google search console index check


If no results are shown up then your website is not indexed. Please make sure to follow few below steps and your will be surprised by the results in just few days.



(1) Set robots meta tag

Go to homepage of your website homepage and inspect it to see if your robots is set to index. If it is not then login to your CMS turn on search engine indexing.
If you have static custom website then make sure you added the robots meta tags inside your head tag as shown below.

<meta name=“robots” content=“index”>

Note: please make sure you see index inside content, if its set to noindex then set setting from CMC or set proper tag inside header section.

robots set as index



(2) Remove Crawl blocks in robots.txt

If google is not indexing your website then there might be crawl block written inside you robots.txt file. Go to your this link domain.com/robots.txt and see if you found such code. Remove such code from your robots file.
User-agent: *
Disallow: /
User-agent: Googlebot
Disallow: /

Both of above snippets tell the google to not crawl our website, developers put turn on this feature while developing or maintenance website. Unfortunately, they forget to allow google crawls to index website later on. 🙁
Optional: Now if you are managing the robots from google robots.txt tool then you can follow steps on our article to see weather if your page is crawl able or not.
How to test your robots.txt using google tool



(3) Verify your website on google search console

The first and very basic step to get your website index on google is to create your account on google search console and verify your domain ownership. You can do this by following our article. Google Search Console verify domain ownership via DNS record through CPanel



(4) Create and submit sitemap on google search console

Next thing to get your website indexed on google to submit a sitemap on google search console.
If you don’t have sitemap yet then you can follow our article to create one. How to add dynamic sitemap in wordpress

Now, I assume you have valid dynamic sitemap available then go ahead and submit it on google search console following our article How to submit sitemap on google search console. Boom you have done your job now wait for few days and check back google search console to see the magic.

I hope this article helps you to get your website indexed. 🙂

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01 Sep 2021

How to submit sitemap on google search console

Sitemap is most important tool if you want search engines like google bing or any other search engine to discover your website.

Sitemap contains links of your pages and articles allowed to index for any major search engines. If you don’t have sitemap for your website than you are faraway from organic potential traffic. Follow this article to add dynamic sitemap into your website.

Follow below short steps to add site map on google search console.


Find the path of your website’s sitemap, in case of yoast seo it will be as follow.

Login at google search console using your google account and go to google search console on this link. Once you are logged in then chose the right property (website) from left side.
google search console property locator


once you selected the right property (website) then click on sitemap from left side bar link. Under add sitemap section enter the name of your sitemap (sitemap_index.xml) and hit submit. Boom you have done your job now google will take some time (few hours to days) to add it and index your pages.
google search console sitemap

Hope you liked this article. 🙂

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01 Sep 2021

How to add dynamic sitemap in wordpress

Sitemap is the most important aspect of modern day SEO tips.

It helps top search engines like google, bing and another search engine to index your pages or articles on its directory.

So having a dynamic sitemap is must have for seo so you don’t have to worry about yuour new pages or articles to be added by its own into your site.

My personal and most used plugin which helps you to maintaince dynamic and unique sitemaps depending on types of content on your website is Yoast SEO plugin.


Only thing you need to install and active Yoast SEO plugin available free of cost from wordpress plugins directory at this URL

Go to your domain on following url to get your ready made you dynamic sitemap.


Yoast SEO SitemapIf you already have a sitemap then you can explore our article How to submit sitemap on google search console

Hope this short article will help you to create dynamic sitemap.

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01 Sep 2021

How to test your robots.txt using google tool

Google robots.txt tester tools shows weather your robots.txt file is properly blocking unwanted URLS from your website.


Follow few steps below to check your if your page is blocked or allowed for search engine indexing.



Go to google robots.txt tool on this URL.

Login with your google account and select your property for particular website to test robots.txt file as shown below.

Google robots.txt tester tool

On next page you will see your robots.text file
If it is empty then you can define your pages / files to be allowed and blocked for search engine here as following.

Allow: /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php
Disallow: /wp-content/plugins/

If you want to check particular page then type it on bottom text are after your domain name and click on test to see weather your page is allowed or disallowed.
Goolge robots tester
That’s it, Hope this article helps.

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29 Jun 2019

How to Add an Addon Domain in cPanel

Your account with GladHosterHosting may include the ability to host multiple websites depending on your hosting package. If you are unfamiliar with the package you are on you can determine how many addon domains you can have in cPanel. Click on the image below in order to see the addon domain stats. You can get more about your server from the cPanel stats like PHP version, MySQL version, Subdomains, MySQL databases used and more.

Check Remaning Addon domain Cpanel
Please see our page if you would like to know more about cPanel Hosting.

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18 Jun 2019
15 Jun 2019
29 Oct 2018

List of top web hosting companies

One should think of acquiring solid web hosting as investing in real estate on the web, namely purchasing a settlement and maintenance location for one’s blog or retail website. In the role of a silent backdoor engine in charge of all performance matters, web hosting is not only a critical investment, but one you simply can’t take for granted.

Web hosting services store and activate all the files your website needs in order to function and to be active. The providers of these marvelous technologies are not only selling you the right to operate on the net, but also put an expert team in charge to monitor your performance. Depending on the package you’ve selected, you may as well get backup and recovery services, maintenance and regular updates, and bulletproof security; while the best web hosting companies out there can also help create a website in the first place.

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28 May 2017

What are advantages of using cpanel

cPanel can help make a site supervisor’s occupation less demanding than it looks. Making applications, connections, and pages to add to the site’s allure and intrigue bodes well when you have a dependable control board interface that makes it all the more available. Every day, website designers need to consider what will speak to watchers and guests. The genuine test is to make a site worth taking a gander at. The best way to discover an answer for such an issue is to get the points of interest right; all the seemingly insignificant details, they indicate the tasteful of the thing. Why ought to guests pick YOUR site? Make it something worth discussing through the simple help and administration of cPanel. Every one of your ducks (or applications) will be in succession with the help of a deliberately planned control interface that does all the administration occupations for you.

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